5 Spring soups from seasonal products. Master class 25


Soup is a universal dish that can be cooked at any time of the year. The first may look different: vegetable soups, meat, fish, creamy, fruit, hot and cold. Everyone can choose an option to their liking. By and large, it does not matter which soup you prefer, the main thing is that the first one is made from fresh and high–quality products.

The first dishes create a feeling of fullness of the stomach, perfectly satisfy hunger, but at the same time do not contain extra calories. Soups are also considered an ideal solution for people who want to lower cholesterol or limit fat intake.
It has been proven that people who regularly eat the first look slimmer than those whose lunch consists exclusively of the second. You can cook soup on the basis of almost any product. Pumpkin, beetroot, leek or onion, beans, sorrel, arugula and dozens of other options — all this can be turned into a nutritious and delicious first course. In addition, do not forget about broths from different types of meat, fish, seafood. It is only necessary to change the proportions of the ingredients and on the basis of the same set of products, you can prepare several variants of the first.
Cooking a classic soup does not require special skill. The dish is prepared quickly and very easily. The recipe, as a rule, does not provide for accuracy in measuring the amount of ingredients and…



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