5 tips for comfortable home interior design

Surely you have never noticed that you are comfortable in some rooms, but you want to escape from others as soon as possible. Why the interior is annoying, and what needs to be changed to feel comfortable in the house.


Reasons why I don’t like the interior

#1. There is a lot of visual noise — we are talking not only about bright aggressive ornaments, but also about a large number of things on shelves, cabinets, racks and other surfaces. Try to leave only the most beautiful and necessary things in sight, make a harmonious composition of them. Hide everything else in the closet, drawer and other hidden storage systems, otherwise you will not be able to achieve order and a sense of comfort.

#2. Too active pattern — it often happens that in the store you get excited about wallpaper with an abundance of colors, geometric shapes, repeating patterns, but as soon as you paste them over the walls in the room, the opinion changes to the exact opposite. Such ornaments cause fatigue, and sensitive people even have associations with their own lives: there is a feeling of a vicious circle and hopelessness.

#3. Boring environment — there is a very fine line between excess and bad taste. In order not to cross it, many people decide to be safe, and choose a simple, clear and proven…



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