6 ways to eat sweets without harm to health


And what to do? Is there really no way to eat sweets without harm to health?

A sugar resource is the ability of the body to consume sweets and other simple carbohydrates (vegetables with a high glycemic index — such as beets and carrots, as well as cereals and products made from them) without health consequences.

Optimal regulation of blood sugar is stable health, freedom from sugar addiction, stable concentration and more balanced behavior in children and adults, smart, beautiful and active longevity.

Your blood sugar regulation is optimal if:

You comfortably maintain the intervals between meals of 4 hours +;
It’s easy for you to abstain from sweets and flour;
Naturally, the pillow “deflates” on the stomach;
Your energy level is stable throughout the day — there is no need to maintain it with coffee and rolls;
You have long-term concentration and a clear head.
The symptoms of well-being will tell you everything!

Your blood sugar regulation is optimal if

Symptoms of a violation of blood sugar regulation:

After just a couple of hours after eating, severe hunger appears;
Often haunted by thoughts of food, irresistibly drawn to sweets;
Hunger arises on a nervous basis, I want to “jam” stress;
Mood and energy jump during the day, there are declines in strength;
There are regular difficulties with sleep, concentration, memory;
It is not possible to lose weight in any way, fat accumulates on the stomach and waist.
To dismiss these symptoms and postpone their resolution “for later” means to create a situation of chronic stress for the body and expose its weaknesses.
These strategies will help you lower your sugar levels, stop the sharp fluctuations in blood sugar that are dangerous for your health and unpleasant for your well-being.