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Elena "Sunshine" Petrova - Elena Sunshine Magazine
10 Pleasant ways to relieve your brain and reduce stress levels

About Serotonin, which is necessary for us to feel great

I was sitting at the table and having a blank sheet in front of me over which I was thinking about where to start.

The Story of My Life. Part 4: WORK

She lived in one city — there was a girl Olivia.

The Bread Queen
Author of the illustration: Mikhail Borisov.

5 Recipes for hot grilled sandwiches. Master class 18

1. Hot sandwich with ham and herbs

A simple and nutritious sandwich is perfect for a delicious breakfast or a quick snack at home, on vacation or at work. …

How to get rid of food, alcohol, smoking, internet or other addiction forever

Healthy superfood: recipes with chokeberry
Photo of the author

1.Refreshing smoothie

Smoothies are good to drink as a healthy snack instead of tea with a…


Figs will return the voice


Autumn decor with your own hands, which will add warmth and comfort to the interior
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Elena "Sunshine" Petrova - Elena Sunshine Magazine

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