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Elena "Sunshine" Petrova - Elena Sunshine Magazine
About Serotonin, which is necessary for us to feel great

20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity

I was sitting at the table and having a blank sheet in front of me over which I was thinking about where to start.

The Story of My Life. Part 4: WORK

She lived in one city — there was a girl Olivia.

The Bread Queen
Author of the illustration: Mikhail Borisov.

Food allergy: dangerous products and methods of prevention
Photo of the author

What is a food allergy?

One of the causes of food allergies is when the body perceives a certain product as foreign, so it tries to remove or destroy it. Reactions to such stress can be vomiting, diarrhea, urticaria, itching, runny nose, swelling, difficulty breathing, fever, and the causes of allergies can be very…

10 Pleasant ways to relieve your brain and reduce stress levels

Healthy and vitamin morning: smoothie recipes

Blueberry-flaxseed smoothie

Thanks to the grinding of berries, fruits and seeds, substances from smoothies are more easily absorbed by the body, and the presence of several components enhances the overall effect…

About the benefits of avocado and 5 original sauces
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Healthy recipe: apple and date cake

Elena "Sunshine" Petrova - Elena Sunshine Magazine

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