Healthy breakfast #37: How to cook a delicious dish?

Healthy breakfast #37: How to cook a delicious dish?
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The secret of a hearty breakfast is in the stabilization of blood sugar, in the abundance of fiber and in the so-called “nutritional value”. How to cook a delicious dish.

Under the nutritional value of a healthy breakfast is the richness of food for minerals, healthy fats, protein and the right carbohydrates. All of them are components of the energy balance. Protein provides us with energy, stimulating the production of the right hormones that are responsible for a good mood. Fats stabilize blood sugar.

Why else is the nutritional value of breakfast important? The body needs not only fuel, but also vitamins and minerals. Without them, a chemical chain of processes will not occur in the cell, when it is necessary to produce energy from the incoming glucose. B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, iron, chromium, selenium and other substances are extremely important here.

Smoothies are no longer about taste, but for the good of the cause. No matter what the right porridge is — with seeds, berries and other healthy ingredients, it will never compare with smoothies in terms of value for our liver and intestines. Especially if they are made according to the correct formula: “maximum 1 fruit + lots of greens and vegetables + healthy fats + vegetable superfoods like ginger, vegetable protein and so on.”

#1. Oat flakes with almonds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds

Oat flakes with almonds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds
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For 1 serving we take:

Gluten-free oat flakes 5 tablespoons
Flax seeds 1 tablespoon
Chopped almonds 2 tablespoons
Peeled sunflower seeds 1 tablespoon
Sesame 1 tablespoon
Dried apricots 5 pieces
Any vegetable milk — to taste (except coconut — it’s too fatty)
Mix all the ingredients and pour vegetable milk. You can eat right away!